How to Cope-up With Rising Air Pollution?

Rising air pollution has been a matter of concern for all of us lately especially for people living in developing countries like India, China, etc. and while the government is taking steps in controlling the situation, is there something that we can do to decrease the risk of air pollution?

We did an interview with Dr. Anand Jaiswal (MD, Director- Respiratory & sleep medicine, Medanta) to understand the impact of pollution and the ways to tackle it.

1.) There have been articles floating around the internet about how rising pollution is cutting short lives and increasing the possibility of getting lung cancer. How true is that?

  • Until now, there are no solid written evidence for that, however, if you are living around places with high particle and industrial pollution, your lung capacity might reduce making you more susceptible to such diseases

2.) What is the repercussion of pollution on our health?

There are many long and short term effects some of them being as follows:

  • It elevates the problem of asthmatic patients triggering more serious attacks
  • Children, pregnant woman and people above 65 years of age are likely to have breathing problems, coughing and rapid decline in their lung function.
  • People who are healthy can also feel dizziness, burning in eyes, headache due to increased air pollution and that at times can lead to anxiety and disturbed sleep.

3.) What are the precautions that we can take to lower the risk of air pollution?

  • The most important thing is to reduce the exposure, avoid jogging or any outdoor activity, especially in the morning or evening during peak hours of pollution.
  • Wear a mask that can filter the particulate matter.
  • Take vaccination for Pneumonia (every 5 years) and Flu (each flu season) to protect yourself.

4.) What are the ways to keep our lungs healthy? Is there a way to compensate for the damage done by pollution?

See, your lungs just want fresh air and it functions properly as long as you fulfill this simple requirement. You can take vitamin C supplements, have green tea and eat foods rich in antioxidants, some breathing exercises might help as well.

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5.) What kinds of people are more susceptible to the side effects of pollution

-Asthmatic Patients, children, Pregnant Women and people who smoke.

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