Air Pollution: Some Ayurvedic Tips to Reverse its Nasty Effects

Lately, a significant part of India has been grasping for fresh air as the AQI dropped to a hazardous level after Diwali. People living in such areas have been complaining about health issues like burning eyes, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, etc. Now, the best solution to the problem is migrating to a less polluted place, but if you cannot do that for whatever reasons, then try some of these naturopathic ways to minimize the effect of air pollution.

1.) Herbal Tea

Start your day with herbal tea made of ginger, clove, cinnamon, basil leaves, and turmeric powder. To prepare this, add all the ingredients into the water, boil for a few minutes, add honey, and have this first thing in the morning. This drink will boost your immunity and help fight the viruses while reducing the ill effects of air pollution says Dr. Bushra Khan, a consultant at NatureHealz Pvt. Ltd. (Naturopathy clinic in Gurgaon)

Indian Herbs that reverse the effect of air pollution
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2.) Gargling and Facial Steam

Gargling is the best way to release mucus from the lungs which are likely to accumulate due to air pollution. Add some carom seeds and basil leaves in the boiling water, strain it and gargle every alternate day to sooth and clean your throat. You should also regularly take facial steams as it helps unclog pores and cleanse the skin from pollutants.

3.) Pranayama

Practice Kapalbhati as it strengthens and increases your lung capacity and helps cure asthma. Practicing Anulom Vilom and Brastika also help.

4.) Jal Neti and Kunjal Kriya


These are the naturopathy treatments that have numerous benefits. Jal Neti helps cleans the nasal passage. In this kriya, warm saline water is poured into one nostril and removed from the other (It’s way less complicated than it sounds). Kunjal is another important kriya in naturopathy which helps clean the upper respiratory tract. You should learn these kriyas from the nearest naturopathy center before trying it at home.

5.) Diet Changes:

  • Do not eat chilled, preserved, and processed food during the season as they tend to form mucus.
  • Avoid eating food that is white in color. If you like eating them then try to change their nature(Taseer) by adding some spices like fennel seeds, cumin, turmeric, ghee, etc.
  • Add jaggery into your diet and drink lukewarm water throughout the day.

This article has been written in collaboration with Dr. Bushra Khan, a naturopathy consultant, working with Naturehealz, Gurgaon.

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