Winter Skin-Care Tips From A Dermatologist

Winters are not the best of time for our hair and skin. The cold weather and dry air can drain out the moisture from our surface, leaving it rough and flaky. Therefore we asked Dr. Sumbul Khan(MD-Dermatology), Kaya Skin Clinic some essential winter skin-care tips and here’s what she suggested:

1.)Shorten Your Shower Time And Reduce The Temperature 

Winter skin care tips

“Do not use hot water for bathing because it dries out the skin, and aggravates some of the pre-existing skin conditions like dermatosis. Take a shower in lukewarm water and moisturize adequately to avoid getting cracks and winter eczema. Do not use harsh soaps on the skin; try using syndet soap as it’s pH balanced and will not remove the essential oils from the skin.”

2.)Sunscreen Is A Must 

“It is a common myth that we do not need sunscreen in winter, but the fact is that UV rays are always there and if you want to have great skin in the future then you should apply and re-apply sunscreen throughout the year. We should use sunscreen even if working indoors because while working on computers and phones, we are exposed to infrared and blue light, which causes photoaging.”

3.) Moisturise And Moisturise

“Moisturise your skin throughout the day to avoid getting cracks. Use glycerine as it nourishes the skin and is an excellent moisturizer if used correctly. You should apply a thin layer of water before using it on your skin because glycerine is a humectant, which absorbs water from its surroundings. Use it after bathing when your skin is slightly wet.”

4.) Invest In A Good Anti-Dandruff Shampoo And Avoid Oiling

“In winters, our scalp also gets dry like skin and requires proper care. Use a good anti-dandruff shampoo during the season to get rid of scales from the scalp. Avoid oiling your hair if you have dandruff, as it may worsen the situation. Oil is of no use for the human scalp because, being a heavy molecule, it cannot penetrate the surface of our hair. Oils are mainly used for the easy of massaging, and it’s the massaging that helps stimulates the tissue and improves blood circulation that leads to hair growth.”

5.) Care For Your Hands And Feet

“Moisture escapes from our hands and feet easily, making them prone to crack, so keep them moisturized. Avoid any parlor activity, especially manicure because in that process they remove your cuticles, which is the protective layer of nails, by removing it, we create a smooth passage for bacteria and fungi to go in and get infections. Also, most of the parlors don’t use sterilized tools, which should be a matter of concern.”

6.)Eat Right

Fruits rich in anti-oxidants

“Diet and exercise play a vital role in the maintenance of the skin. Add a lot of seasonal fruits and veggies in your diet. Eat fruits rich in antioxidants and replace your regular tea with green tea. Stay hydrated, exercise daily, and sleep well.”

Do you have any skin-care woes that you want us to cover? Write down in the comment section below. Till then, Stay happy and healthy.

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