How To Avoid Motion Sickness?

Are you getting car sick often? Does the thought of cruising or taking a flight soon bother you just because you can’t handle motion sickness effectively? Does an upcoming trip remind you of your last experience or miserable nausea even before you have started? Don’t let excitement get dull by falling sick – keep these travel tips in mind to prevent motion sickness at bay!

Reason for motion sickness

Car sickness can affect kids majorly, and these are the symptoms that start when what you see and what your body can feel is not the same at the moment. A state of dizziness, queasiness or nausea, while you are traveling, is not new. Migraines and pregnancy can even make things worse. 

Tips for fighting motion sickness


Ginger ale can help relieve nausea and can also fight an upset tummy and works wonders as a natural aid for the ones who are most bothered by motion sickness. 

Try to distract your mind 

Play music or let other people read some books aloud or just anything that can keep you enough distracted and thinking more such as in games or crafts making. 

Pick seating arrangements carefully

If you are cruising, sit in the area of the airplane and face the direction of the driver. Driving a car can also help relieve motion sickness, and it is better than to be seated inside and be bothered with illness.

Go for acupressure 

Acupressure bands do stimulate points and help relieve nausea. You can wear wrist bands, while you are traveling, flights too. It may even help things get better in case you get restless with turbulences on the plane. 

Stimulate your senses with essential oils

Even though there is very little clinical data to back up this theory, few do claim that the use of essential oils gives them a lot of relief. Stimulating your senses can mainly help in distracting you from the motion that can cause sickness soon. Aromatherapy with few essential oils like peppermint, lavender the and ginger may prevent nausea and air sickness. 

Other ways to battle motion sickness

Here are a few more tricks and tips that can help you tackle motion sickness well:

  • Chew on whole green cardamoms, and you might start to feel better.
  • If you are having a heavy meal at the time you start, Anise and rock sugar must accompany you.
  • Fizzy drinks may also keep your entire system super-hydrated. Additionally, coconut water, Ginger ale, or other fresh seasonal juices are among other convincing options for controlling motion sickness. 
  • The use of tamarind candies and sniffing peppermint might also prevent triggering motion sickness in a few cases.
  • Avoiding caffeine before and during the travel can also help those who want to prevent motion sickness.

Few more quick tips!

If the tips mentioned above are not enough or if you have already tried them and have miserably failed to avoid motion sickness, here are a few more.

  • Try to avoid spicy, fatty and greasy food while on the go 
  • Don’t forget to carry ginger
  • Try to sit in the front seat of the car
  • Try avoiding watching a movie or reading 
  • Find your little distractions like talking or singing
  • Try wristbands that apply proper pressure to inner arms
  • Take help of suitable over-the-counter medicines

Even though motion sickness is common, it’s still possible to tame it with little more care. The above mentioned natural remedies do work. They might also prevent you from getting embarrassed and confused with motion sickness, finally leaving you all excited for yet another trip on the go!