Ideas And Inspiration For A Balcony Garden

Green is beautiful, and almost every plant lover dream of having a small garden in their home, but it’s often tough to set up your gardening area if you are in urban living. Terrace or balcony is usually your only option to add or develop your green space that adds beauty to your dream home. 

Sabyasachi Mukherjee has added perfect layers to his 7,250 square foot home, defining the way he lives and loves his lush garden that opens right after the living room. Around 4000 plants have been sourced to create his splendid tropical garden, a perfect getaway that appears to be the first treasure. 

If you are among the ones who value plants and are planning on creating low-maintenance balcony plants and are equally confused about the kind of containers you should go for or just anything that adds to your perfect garden in terrace or balcony, here are a few ideas for inspiration. 

Observe natural conditions

Green is natural, and you can’t keep on buying multiple plants without knowing if they can survive in your balcony. Plants thrive on different weather conditions; few survive well in sunny areas, and few need shades to appear best. Higher galleries will naturally get more sunlight, so plan accordingly. 

The choice on ‘types.’

It should depend on the location. Orchids, succulents, African violets, and ferns would go well with lower floor balconies that have limited sunlight. Succulents, cacti, and crotons will do well with windy balconies where you must avoid weaker stem plants. Geranium and Bougainvillea can handle harsh sunlight, whereas spider plants, aloe vera, azalea, and English ivy are best suited for enclosed balconies. 

Vertical garden are space-savers

Great for tiny terrace areas, a vertical garden with smart drip irrigation can prove to be a low-maintenance option. It will save spaces by not making your balcony look clumsy.

Verticle Garden

Pergola for larger terrace 

Pergola usually supports the garden with comfortable seating options. This design is an excellent idea for people who love to sit amidst the green and in the shade. Let balcony planters and potted plants create the aura by also providing elements of entertainment and relaxation. Flowering plants on a table or sideboard will give a refreshing feel to the seating area. 

Small flower pots for more variety 

colourful plants

Smaller flower pots will encourage options for more varied growth without having the large plants to take up tiny spaces. You can arrange more species on a shelf or table. 

Privacy with creepers

Want privacy? Vines or Creepers along the partition grill or wall will do the job well. Privacy is much needed in apartment culture, and employing green is a beautiful way to set it right. 

Antique Garden

Layers to garden 

Growing plants of different heights will add stunning layers to your garden, adding a gorgeous look to the balcony, making it appear like a backyard garden. 

Dining amidst green 

Eating your healthy food in the open air on a lazy Sunday is a dream for many. Watching the sun go down while you have your sip is a great idea that can be made possible with the help of a taller table and chairs.

Dining in balcony

Plants for the railing

With little space, adding plants to the fence is a smart way to keep the entire garden look less cluttered. With this idea in place, you let the plants grow freely without taking up the valuable space on floors. 

railing plant

No matter where you live, apartment or single-family home, these ideas can motivate aspiring gardeners as well as the master gardeners who have been looking to create a fun and fulfilling garden to match their home décor. Get started and get going to creating a fabulous space without creating dents in your pockets!

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