Get rid of birds in the balcony

Ways to Keep Pigeons Away from Your Balcony

Pigeons can be seen in almost all parts of the world and certainly share the space with humans as well. Pigeons are attractive to some people and considered messengers of peace and purity. However, not everybody is comfortable with them owing to the damage they cause. They not only harm the crops and grains but can be a total pain in the neck for house owners and apartment dwellers. With stinky, gooey droppings, pigeons carry a host of infectious diseases. The droppings of these birds are acidic, which can destroy the machinery or metal and can be harmful to the buildings. In addition to this, pigeon droppings are tar-like and heavy as a binding agent, thus making it extremely difficult to remove and clean.

So, if you too are facing such problems, here we provide you with seven humanely ways to get rid of the pesky and pervasive pigeons from your balcony:

1. An Ultrasonic Bird

One of the easiest ways to get rid of pigeons around your gallery is to install an electronic bird repeller. The smart device produces an alarming sound wave that we humans are unable to detect with our ears. This is because the sound is at an ultrasonic frequency- one that is too high for us to hear. This type of device is alarming enough to pigeons that they won’t want to come back to roost or collect anywhere near the device. You can also adjust the volume as per your requirement. This method is apt for the ones who are looking for a cleaner and chemical-free approach.

2. Scary Decoys

Another approach for deterring pigeons can be the old scarecrow method. Pigeons get a little uncomfortable when they see a large replica of predators like an owl, giant snake, or sizeable black crow. A realistic appearance coupled with a rotating head will assuredly throw a chill down any bird’s spine, thus making them flee. These decoys are generally light-weight, easy to install, and come with nails along with a mounting plate. Moreover, they can withstand rain and sun. The bottom can be filled with dirt or sand, which will add to its stability during stronger winds. It is always a good idea to shift these decoys around occasionally, so the birds don’t suspect they are just d├ęcor.

3. Bird Repellent Gel

Using bird repellent gel in the spots where they land and sit is the most direct way you can keep away pigeons off your balcony. Unlike the glue rat trap, which is a deadly and messy approach, bird repellent gel is entirely non- toxic and won’t harm the bird. It is merely a translucent paste in the gel form whose mere light coat around the surfaces where pigeons like to roost, will do the work. As pigeons approach the area, the tacky-to-sticky feel, as well as the repulsive scent, will bother them, instantly leading them to go away.

4. Deterrent Reflectors

The time-proven solution, bird reflectors are highly reflective materials which come in many forms; however, the flash tape is the most versatile option in terms of placement and hanging. The tape is formed with a holographic pattern that interacts with light in ways that disorientate birds. The sharp iridescence provides a rainbow of quickly changing colors, creating a unique reflecting pattern that becomes disturbing for pigeons. The most effective way to install it is to hang it vertically. These reflectors are a perfect fit as a result of their high durability, flexibility, budget-friendliness, and long-lasting ability.

5. Spray pigeons with water from a garden hose

if you don’t want to spend a single penny but are willing to do some extra work to let go of the dirty pigeons, water hose can be an effective way. Don’t let those pesky pigeons settle in place by applying the water pressure with your water hose. Pigeons definitely won’t appreciate the force or concentration of the water being targeted at them and would prefer to dwell somewhere else. This process will surely give you proper results and, at the same time, can be fun and entertaining when you get to see pigeons running away.

6. Sealing off entrances

Another useful method for proofing your balcony from pigeons is to seal all the possible openings so they can’t make a landing and start roosting. Mesh is quite a popular humane deterrent because it can be used anywhere and is pleasing to the eye. Cover all the places where you think pigeons may perch or lay their eggs, such as the attic and under air conditioning units. You can also attach bird spikes to balcony and porch railings or any flat surface, which will prevent them from entering the place at all. Apart from these, a slinky or insulation wire on the railing will also keep away them from balancing, thus, refraining them from roosting.

7. Avoid feeding pigeons and eliminate other food sources:

Pigeons tend to have sharp memories when it comes to food sources. They will keep coming back to places where they have human accomplices. So, another way is to detest from feeding pigeons on your balcony or around your home. Grass seed, corn, wheat, and dog or cat food left outside, can be some of the food sources for pigeons. Try to eliminate or limit pigeons’ access to the source of food; otherwise, this can create an alarming situation for you.

All the methods mentioned above are beneficial, and one can get rid of pigeons by trying these methods. We are not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiment towards pigeons and other birds. Also, we are not supporting harming pigeons or any birds in any way. So, if you are offended by them, then try the above methods to get rid of them humanely. However, we request you all to help birds getting water and food for their survival. Thank You!