About Us

'The Human Plant' a lifestyle media brand where we try to motivate people to improve their quality of life through various stories and articles. Our purpose is to help people create a balanced life socially, physically, and mentally.

At The Human Plant we:

  • Keep you updated with the latest health trends and essential information you might need to stay at the best of your health.
  • Cover Travel stories, different cultures and food habits across the globe
  • Share inspiring stories about the people who are making a mark in society and reaching heights of success 
  • Are committed to sharing things that are authentic, reliable and will add value to our reader's life.


Founder at 'The Human Plant'


 "We consume a lot of information online, and most of them are junk that adds no real value in our life. The reason for starting 'The Human Plant' is to help people with all the relevant information that will lead them towards a healtier, happier, and longer life. "

Sakshi Choudhary(Blogger)